Nate Berg, Founder & Pit Master

AOS, Culinary Arts, Culinary Institute of America, 2010

A City Slicker's Tale...
City Slickers BBQ is a competition barbeque team and a catering company.

City Slickers Barbeque was founded in 2009 by Nate Berg in Minneapolis, MN. In the summer of 2009 Nate entered a barbeque competition held by the local fire department in Golden Valley, MN and took 1st place. Intrigued by the victory, Nate and a few friends began developing recipes for future competitions. When asked about his team, Nate simply replied "We want to show people that good barbeque can come from the Twin Cities". This rationale formed what is now known as City Slickers Barbeque. Shortly thereafter, the new team spent months in the kitchen. The outcome cultivated the fundamentals for Nate's signature barbeque sauce and his two dry rubs. In the summer of 2010, the team elected to take on larger barbeque competitions. Among their first trip, they attended the "Up In Smoke BBQ Bash" in Mason City, Iowa and landed a 3rd place victory in "Anything Butt". Fueled by their second award, the team began vigorously planning for future competitions as well as vending, and catering events. From their dainty stand in Mason City, IA to their first vending event in Minneapolis, MN. City Slickers Barbeque is on the rise and by and large, one of the top small business concepts to transpire from the heart of the Midwest; Minneapolis, MN.

City Slickers will be competing in Kansas City Barbeque Society (KCBS) sanctioned events in Minnesota. They also plan to compete in Iowa, South Dakota and Wisconsin. Visit the Events page for more information on the upcoming events.